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I'm just your average crazy dog lady with ink and a knack for making weird faces.

The arts are something that I've been involved in since I was just a tyke. I was in everything from show choir, to theatre, to photography. My dad kickstarted my love for photography when he gave me my first camera at the age of six, which was a pink Barbie film camera. I remember walking around the house and taking photos of everything. As I got older, I started to gravitate more towards photographing people. At last I fell in love with the world of stylized portraiture.  

Photography has always been a way for me to release my emotions and thoughts in a way that brings something beautiful to the world. My ultimate goal is for my viewers to take on their own idea of what the photograph is about and pour their own feelings into it. 

I've worked along side John Bragg, Rob Woodcox, Clay Cook, and many other talented individuals. 

You can find me roaming abandoned properties, hanging out with my furry pride & joy named Oliver, & refreshing Instagram every chance I get. 

Portrait by Noelani Langille; Designer & Photographer


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Indianapolis, IN & beyond

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